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SMARTAKE Parchment Paper Roll, 13 in x 164 ft, 177 Sq.Ft Baking Paper with Metal Cutter, Non-Stick Baking Paper Sheets, Greaseproof, Waterproof, for Cooking, Air Fryer, Grilling, Steaming (Unbleached)

13 in x 328 ft (354 sq.ft)

MADE OF 100% NATURAL WOOD PULP: Food-grade baking parchment rolls made from purely natural wood pulp, no colorants, non-toxic, without harmful impurities. Making the food have the most complete flavor while cooking. Easy to degrade and friendly to the environment, can be disposed of directly in the trash after use.

COME WITH HARD BOX & METAL CUTTER: The parchment paper roll is housed in a hard box with roller stands. While convenient for easy storage, the box also comes with a metal cutter inside, you can cut the paper in just one second. Cutting the parchment paper freely to any size you want for your baking needs without scissors. (Please avoid touching the blade directly with your hands during use)

13 IN WIDE, 177 SQ.FT IN TOTAL: Design for family use. You can use about 218 times for 1/4 Baking Sheet and 123 times for 1/2 Baking Sheet.The parchment sheets will lay flat on the baking tray and not curl. Can be used for various sizes of your bakeware or purposes, making.

NON-STICK, WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: No more worrying about delicious food sticking to the baking sheet and cleaning it. Using baking paper is the perfect solution! The surface of the paper has a practical wax coating, making the paper smooth and non-stick food, and can effectively waterproof and oil-proof, to keep the baking pan neat and tidy.

MORE THAN PARCHMENT PAPER: The paper can withstand up to 450℉. Not only can be used for baking bread, cookies, breads, meat, but also for air fryer, steamer, oven and microwave. (please do not let the paper come in contact with the inside of the oven to avoid burning)


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